SpeedTouch problems

Mark Hughes mh_lists at digitalspy.co.uk
Wed May 29 04:08:28 BST 2002

>>(comes back from cvsup) --> well, that went remarkably well, my first
>>time upgrading a running system by any method other than
>>blank/re-install (I'd messed the system up so badly last time it came to
>>reinstall that, believe me, that was the only way :D)... even the
>>mergemaster bit that I was dreading was amazingly easy. I'm now running

> unfortunetly my systems are customised, so merging is impossible, i have
> to wait for release versions, and i'm forced to blank/re-install method :(

:( how customised are they? sounds like a pain.

>>And the upshot is, I'm now doing a test upload - 10MB up so far (past
>>where the problems normally occur) and absolutely no problems
>>whatsoever. I'm quite annoyed with myself for not investigating the
>>problem properly and just blaming dodgy hardware for all these months...

Looks like i spoke too soon - while it doesn't crash any more and is more
reliable, it does still drop the connection after exactly 67MB of upload in
one block. :( I'm not sure why it's doing this - bug, or usb chipset, or an
error in my ppp setup or kernel or network settings or what...


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