adsl modems

Dimitris Dimitris
Tue May 28 21:53:02 BST 2002

On Tue, 28 May 2002 21:02:59 +0100, William Cooper wrote:

>We might be getting ADSL, their 'Business 500 Plug & Go' anyway
>according to their website, we will be sent a 'Intel ADSL modem' , and
>so far I've only seen support for the touch speed ADSL modem in FreeBSD=
>also its well documented, anyone use this service/modem with FreeBSD,
>and can I find any webpages on using it ?

I dont know of any 'Intel ADSL modems' that are supported under fbsd.

The general rule is:

1) All PCI ADSL modems are NOT supported.

2) The Alcatel USB ADSL modem is the ONLY USB supported device.

3) All external hub/switch ADSL modems are supported because they are
ethernet devices.

There are a few exceptions, but make sure you do some research before yo=
u buy.

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