e travis rwhod at
Tue May 28 00:24:55 BST 2002


i am having some problems getting my modem to
work(i'll bet you have never heard that one before =)

i used to be a sys admin a year or so ago, and i have
a lot of experience with FreeBSD; however, i have
become a bit rusty, and to be perfectly honest i was
never to good at getting modems to work in the first


i know how to conf all of my ect/ppp scripts, and
things of that nature. the problem i am having is that
i don't know what line to place in my kernel.file to
get the modem to work.

i am running - FreeBSD 4.1

and i have a - US Robotics 56k performance pro modem

which is running on COM1

i know this modem is supported on linux, but i am not
sure if FreeBSD 4.1 supports it or not. i will be most
thankful for any answers, advice, or information.



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