SpeedTouch problems

Mark Hughes mh_lists at digitalspy.co.uk
Mon May 27 23:36:36 BST 2002

>>Yup, likewise with BT Openworld - no problems with the service despite all
>>the moans you hear, it's worked flawlessly for me with exactly the same
>>setup. Occasionally falls over due to the dodgy VIA USB chipset on my
>>motherboard though - which is very frustrating as it seems to happen
>>whenever I upload anything big. But that's definately down to the USB
>>chipset though.

> If you are using 4.4 or older, then its definetly due to bad kernel

> I had the same problem with the ALI USB chipset, i opened a bug, and
> it was fixed in 5.0-C some months ago, which came down to 4.5-R.

> The bug was generic and affected many chipsets, it even happened
> on my IBM ThinkPad 600E during high traffic uploads.

ooooh... could be. I'd just assumed it was the chipset 'cause of the
hundreds of very well documented complaints about the via usb chipset in
relation to the speedtouch usb - didn't actually bother thinking it might be
a bug...

That'll teach me.

(heads towards cvsup :) )

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