SpeedTouch problems

Mark Hughes mh_lists at digitalspy.co.uk
Mon May 27 15:51:01 BST 2002

> On Thu, 23 May 2002, Dave Peacock wrote:
> >However, the FreeBSD ported driver etc was developed and QA'd (if such a
> >thing exists in the Open Source world!) under FreeBSD 4.4. Thus I
> >4.4 on my firewall and every problem I had magically dissapeared. I don't
> >know what changed in BSD that causes the problem, but I suspect this
> >be the issue.
> FWIW I have a 4.4 server attached on the speedtouch USB ADSL thingy, and
> it works flawlessly.  ISP is Nildram http://www.getadsl.co.uk/

Yup, likewise with BT Openworld - no problems with the service despite all
the moans you hear, it's worked flawlessly for me with exactly the same
setup. Occasionally falls over due to the dodgy VIA USB chipset on my server
motherboard though - which is very frustrating as it seems to happen
whenever I upload anything big. But that's definately down to the USB
chipset though.


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