SpeedTouch problems

Dimitris Dimitris
Thu May 23 21:21:08 BST 2002

Hey everyone.

This is my first post in the list, so a short introduction is in order, =
i'm Dimitris
and live in Southampton, been managing fbsd/linux/solaris servers for ma=
ny years,
also using fbsd 4.5-R at home to run my ADSL.

So now to my problem...

Every now and then, my connection slows down to a crawl or stops tempora=
rily, and
the reason is these errors:
pppoa2[396]: CRC error in an AAL5 frame

During those crawling minutes, i get over 100 of those errors.

Anyone see this before? I suspect its my cables that are causing this pr=

Thank you.

btw anyone using pppoa3 without problems?

=FE H.I.C. & D.B.S. =FE OS/2 Warp =FE Hellas =FE
=FE ServerConfig =FE ConfigEdit =FE OS/2 UK UG =FE
=FE Live fast, die young, and leave a handsome corpse =FE

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