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Alex Ingram alex at
Thu May 23 15:03:06 BST 2002

Hello, last time I posted I was suffering bad bandwidth and trying to 
install off the net, but thanks to the wonder of a job, I now have 
broadband ;)

So, anyway, my mp3 collection finally outgrew it's 60GB home, so I bit 
the bullet and bought a 120GB Western Digital with 8MB cache, it's nice 

However, after putting it into my Asus k7m machine (with latest bios), 
it locked up on trying to detect the hard disk, though it boots when set 
to auto, though it detects it as:

14593 Cylinder
255 Head
63 Sectors

Listed on the website, it's specs are:

  Number of Heads (Logical)16
Number of Heads (Physical)6
Sectors Per Track63
120,034 MB

FreeBSD 4.5 setup seems to detect the correct size of drive, though it 
gives a warning to the effect that FreeBSD should be set to use the same 
geometry as the BIOS.

Anyway, what's the best way to set this up?

If it's going to be at all problematic, I'm thinking that I would like 
to build a small and quiet little server machine for near minimal cost, 
any recommendations in that case?

Thanks in advance.
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