FreeBSD: equiv of the Linux mondoarchive for FreeBSD?

Lachlan Cranswick l.m.d.cranswick at
Sat May 11 16:37:37 BST 2002

Due to local conditions - I have been moderately forced to use
FreeBSD Linux over FreeBSD. (which is a shame)

But a query if people have the time.  If there an equivalent
of the GPL'd Linux mondoarchive for FreeBSD?

Mondoarchive creates Bootable archive CDs that can easily recover (or 
recover a subset of) the entire system, all one has to do is insert 
the CD and reboot the server. Mondorescue also creates the archives 
in a format such that it is tolerant of corrupted regions of the CD 
(you don't lose everything - only the files on the affected region). 
It will also archive to tape and nfs mounts and removable drives (but
the removeable drive stuff seems a bit flakey at the moment)

It can also make use of lzop compression such that the archive is
compressed but does not take any extra time over uncompressed.

I have been recently brainwashed by this software (still working
around kludges in buggy dvdrecord SCSI driver software before it will 
work on my DVDRam system) - and was curious if the FreeBSD has 
something like this or an equivalent?  Or whether it would be good
to adapt mondoarchive for FreeBSD)

Have been testing on a new system before it goes live - and it only
takes around 10 minutes to do a system restore from the 2 CDs - and 
you get everything back as it was just as you archived it.
(and around 10 minutes to create the ISO images - don't have a CDR
on this system)


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