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Hiten Pandya hiten at
Tue May 7 17:56:58 BST 2002

--- Alex Ivanoff <white at> wrote:
> I've got some articles written on FreeBSD, Unix and Networking (Cisco,
> Lucent equipment) topics. Does anybody know some magazine, journal or
> publishing agency which may be interested in the articles on these
> topics? I'd love to talk to theirs Editorial team. I've heard some
> on-line magazines are interested in such materieal, but I've got no
> contacts.

Checkout the following URLs:


These are the only ones I can think from teh top of my head.  If you have
any articles you would like to contribute directly to the FreeBSD Project,
please check out:

The URL above will provide you with more information for submitting articles
to the FreeBSD Documentation Project.  The 3 URLs listed at the top normally 
pay for articles.  Not to forget, checkout:

Hope this helps.

  -- Hiten

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