Mid conference UK gathering

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Tue May 7 15:40:47 BST 2002

I second the camping idea.  Just to add some content to this meaningless
post I could offer Hayling Island as a reasonable campsite with a beach...


On Tue, 7 May 2002, Paul Robinson wrote:

> On May  7, Paul Richards <paul at freebsd-services.com> wrote:
> > I personally prefer the first option since that'd be a laugh, but it
> > depends if that's the sort of thing people on this list will go for. The
> > last option is my least favourite since that'd be a lot of work and
> > stress to organise and I don't fancy that at the moment, I haven't
> > recovered from last time yet :-)
> I agree, the campsite option sounds fun. Only a couple of probs that I can 
> see that need to be worked around (knowing you, you probably already have 
> worked around them), and these are:
> if(Season == SUMMER){
>   FamiliesWithAnnoyingKids++;
>   Price++;
> }
> OK, that would syntactically suggest that summer campsites have one extra 
> family with kids, and they put the prices up by one pound, but you know what 
> I mean. :-)
> The only other question is where abouts to put it. Peak District is close to 
> the center of the country and has loads of campsites. Wales equally seems to 
> be full of reasonable places. Anybody any suggestions? For the most remote, 
> but weird campsite that you can get to relatively easy, I know a place right 
> off the tip of Anglesey.... ;-)
> The good side is that numbers are likely to be quite limited for such a
> light and mostly social event - I can't see people really flying in from 
> Europe or US to spend a weekend on a campsite (although it seems to work at 
> HAL), so it should be quite sociable and good fun all round.
> I have loads of spare time at the moment ("between contracts") so could
> offer to help organise but I need a week or two to get a few things sorted
> out before that can become a reality I'm afraid. Give me a shout if you need
> any help. If you don't have my mobile, mail me off-list.
> -- 
> Paul Robinson
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