Mid conference UK gathering

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Tue May 7 15:10:50 BST 2002

On May  7, Paul Richards <paul at freebsd-services.com> wrote:

> I personally prefer the first option since that'd be a laugh, but it
> depends if that's the sort of thing people on this list will go for. The
> last option is my least favourite since that'd be a lot of work and
> stress to organise and I don't fancy that at the moment, I haven't
> recovered from last time yet :-)

I agree, the campsite option sounds fun. Only a couple of probs that I can 
see that need to be worked around (knowing you, you probably already have 
worked around them), and these are:

if(Season == SUMMER){

OK, that would syntactically suggest that summer campsites have one extra 
family with kids, and they put the prices up by one pound, but you know what 
I mean. :-)

The only other question is where abouts to put it. Peak District is close to 
the center of the country and has loads of campsites. Wales equally seems to 
be full of reasonable places. Anybody any suggestions? For the most remote, 
but weird campsite that you can get to relatively easy, I know a place right 
off the tip of Anglesey.... ;-)

The good side is that numbers are likely to be quite limited for such a
light and mostly social event - I can't see people really flying in from 
Europe or US to spend a weekend on a campsite (although it seems to work at 
HAL), so it should be quite sociable and good fun all round.

I have loads of spare time at the moment ("between contracts") so could
offer to help organise but I need a week or two to get a few things sorted
out before that can become a reality I'm afraid. Give me a shout if you need
any help. If you don't have my mobile, mail me off-list.

Paul Robinson

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