Mid conference UK gathering

Paul Richards paul at freebsd-services.com
Tue May 7 00:43:41 BST 2002

It's roughly 6 months since BSDCon Europe, and roughly 6 months to the
next one.

I think we should do something in the UK to fill the gap while we wait

I don't want to organise anything that will potentially clash with the
next con, so I think it should be a low key, minimal cost, UK only
event, though obviously anyone's free to come along.

I've got a few ideas:

1) A summer camp. We could all meet up at some campsite somewhere for a
long weekend. I can possibly get my hands on the gear we'd need to have
a conference type event, but on a campsite. In other organisations I've
done this sort of thing before and it can combine some serious technical
stuff with a fun weekend away. Even if I can't get hold of the necessary
kit, like a marquee and stuff, then we could still all just meet up
somewhere and have a fun weekend.

2) Something like the Oxford event we had, where we get a room somewhere
and have a mini-conference weekend.

3) A summer school. Where we'd hire a room at a college somewhere and
have a fairly serious training event.

I personally prefer the first option since that'd be a laugh, but it
depends if that's the sort of thing people on this list will go for. The
last option is my least favourite since that'd be a lot of work and
stress to organise and I don't fancy that at the moment, I haven't
recovered from last time yet :-)

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