Suitable ATX motherboard for FreeBSD server

Paul Richards paul at
Sun May 5 00:53:55 BST 2002

On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 10:48, Jon Schneider wrote:
> On 29 Apr 2002, at 9:18, James Diss wrote:
> > The other interesting point that I discussed with someone recently was
> > that there is a significant amount of hardware that is dead on the
> > shelves out there, and nothing can save you from a thermal protection
> > system that isn't working in the first place.
> Yes this is actually a tribute to how reliable and cheap hardware is. 
> The manufacturers have decided to do away with burn in tests and 
> take the returns instead.

This is why we do a 48 hour burn in of our pre-installed boxes. You'd be
surprised what fails during that time but it's better failing before we
ship than two days after shipping :-)

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