Rackmounted cases and new server spec

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Thu May 2 18:32:24 BST 2002

"Tim Wiser" <timw at penninehealthcare.co.uk> wrote:

> =A35.40 Net-Lynx EP320 10/100 network card (*)
> =

> I'm not fussed about the graphics card for obvious reasons, but I am
> dubious about the network card to be honest.  How can I find out whethe=
> the card is supported by BSD? There's no mention of BSD or any UNIX for=

> that matter on the datasheet that I downloaded off the www.net-lynx.co.=
> website. =

I did a google for ''EP320 chipset'', it found lots of references to
"Surecom EP320" which is I suspect just a different badge of the same
card.  Looking further it would appear to be based on the Realtek RTL8139=

chipset, which is supported by *BSD, but not highly regarded AFAICT.

> I'm
> thinking of going with a 3Com card just for that extra bit reassurance,=

> and maybe getting some additional cooling in there as well.

Personally I'd go with Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/00 cards.


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