Rackmounted cases and new server spec

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Thu May 2 14:56:36 BST 2002

Jeff LaCoursiere <jeff at jeff.net> wrote:

> Anyone have any experience with cards with multiple nics?  We are
> looking at an Intel card that has two nics, and hoping to install
> three of them (will be a passive sniffer attached to all of our
> switch span ports).

Check the freebsd.org list archives but I'm pretty sure the Intel
cards will be fine, as the dual ones either use a specially packaged
dual chipset based on the i8255x or they just use two chips on one

For four ports people always used to use the Zynx DEC chipset based
cards, they have a PCI to PCI bridge on the card to get around the
problem of having enough IRQs, so the card only uses one IRQ.

I think Netgear do a resonably priced four port card, but I'm not
sure how well it's supported or what performance is like.

As always, check the hardware compatibility list and the list

I remember when I was at Demon, they built a BSD based router with
something like 14 or 15 ethernet ports.. (it didn't need to run
each at full line rate, obviously).


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