Dumb question

Dominic Marks dominic_marks at btinternet.com
Thu May 2 14:09:13 BST 2002


On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 02:05:49PM +0100, Gerwyn Davies wrote:
> I'm afraid to ask this question, 'cos I know the answer will be an obvious
> one. Here goes....
> Throughout the FreeBSD Handbook I see things like "disklabel(8)" and
> "devfs(5)". What is the significance of the number in brackets?

The manual pages are divided into sections. Each section covers a
different topic. The number is the section the manual page is in.
These numbers are important because sometimes there is a manual page
which has the same name in multiple sections. Its instructing you to:

man 5 devfs
man 8 disklabel

> Gerwyn


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