Rackmounted cases and new server spec

Tim Wiser timw at penninehealthcare.co.uk
Thu May 2 09:56:51 BST 2002

> > The whole lot needs to fit into a 2U 19"
> > rackmounted case if possible, which I can get for #137 +VAT.
> > If that's not possible, a 4U 19" ATX for #119.
> Nice prices, where from out of interest?

We deal with a local company called Jiles Electronics
(www.jiles-electronics.co.uk) who do trade prices.  You have to have an
account with them and they don't do credit, which is a bit of a pain.  It's
nice having a decent shop just down the road though :)

They have quoted the following:

£137.40 2U 19" Rack mountable case
£45.20 256Mb 133MHz DIMM memory
£44.70 20Gb IDE Maxtor 5400rpm hard drive
£34.56 AMD Duron 1 gig socket A
£59.75 ABIT KT7A socket A ATX motherboard
£12.50 8Mb AGP SiS6326 graphics
£5.40 Net-Lynx EP320 10/100 network card (*)
£16.61 52x Samsung CDROM

This kit, including floppy drive, fan and building, costs £378.22 + VAT

I'm not fussed about the graphics card for obvious reasons, but I am dubious
about the network card to be honest.  How can I find out whether the card is
supported by BSD? There's no mention of BSD or any UNIX for that matter on
the datasheet that I downloaded off the www.net-lynx.co.uk website.  I'm
thinking of going with a 3Com card just for that extra bit reassurance, and
maybe getting some additional cooling in there as well.

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