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Fri Mar 29 11:50:16 GMT 2002

Yeah the prices are similiar, whats good here now is the
offer which means you don´t have to pay for getting the line switched on,
the end of march.It´s just the right time to take advantage, my son took it
much earlier (about ayear ago and had to buy a router/modem which was about

One thing thats better though it doesn´t affect me at the moment is the
speed, bluewin also has 2048.
: 256, 512, 1024, 2048.
The 1024 and 2048 are much more expensive.
I don´t understand the technical side perfectly, it must be something to do
with the actual tel. lines themselves, whether it´s possible to have higher
speeds, because the modems/routers are the same anywhere.

By the way if anybody is setting up the DSL connection with something like
the SpeedTouch pro, I found the easiest way to get started (also the
is to unplug a win machine from the LAN, attach the modem, put in the ISP´s
installation CD and register.
Then put the win machine back on the LAN and change the settings back to
like they were before, plug an extra NIC into the fbsd gateway.
If you had a normal modem before then change all the firewall /nat things to
"eth1"(or whatever) instead of tun0.
It´s important to then switch the modem on first it automatically connects
as a DHCP client, gets a number, then it changes to server.
When you switch on the gateway/firewall, and have the new card set in
rc.conf : ifconfig_new0="DHCP", it then gets a local number and ipnat takes
care of
everything (DNS seems to be the modem itself bvacause in the windows box I
set the dns section to which is the speedtouch pro).
However I´ve set it to ddial and don´t know what will happen when
(apparently every 20 hrs) the dynamic IP gets changed, we´ll see.


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