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Thu Mar 28 17:44:29 GMT 2002

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>I just changed to an ADSL modem/router (SpeedTouch pro / alcatel).
>I rent it for SFr 15.- / month and the monthly cost is SFr 49.- .
>Service (it's the cheapest level):
>speed = 256 = 256 Kbits up 64 down
>quantity = 3000 MB (after that -.05 / MB = -.02 pence)
>= £ 20.- + £6.- /month
>for 512 Kbits + 6000MB it's about £10.- more

Cable modem:

Telewest/Blueyonder  512k downstream 128k upstream
£33 on it own, £25 with either or both of their telephone or TV service.
(Telewest are currently trialling 1024k/256k)

NTL  512k upstream 128k downstream
£20 but you must take either or both of their telephone or TV services

NTL just launched a 1024k/256k service - I think it's about £40
I think they also have a lower speed service too.


Services vary and have just dropped significantly in price. (as of April
1st <g>)

All ADSL services (for home users) are 512k/256k AFAIK and will range from
about £23 to £28 - This is a DIY install option.  Filter and DSL modems
are extra (normally, depending on the "set up" fee.)

To get it marginally on topic, they all work with FreeBSD, though most
providers do not offer support for anything other than Windows (and some



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