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Thu Mar 28 17:28:21 GMT 2002

It interests me to know what the services are like now in GB, I've been in
Switzerland so long that I haven't really got an idea what things cost etc.
I just changed to an ADSL modem/router (SpeedTouch pro / alcatel).
I rent it for SFr 15.- / month and the monthly cost is SFr 49.- .
Service (it's the cheapest level):
speed = 256 = 256 Kbits up 64 down
quantity = 3000 MB (after that -.05 / MB = -.02 pence)

= £ 20.- + £6.- /month

for 512 Kbits + 6000MB it's about £10.- more.

How does this compare with GB (there is no charge to switch on the DSL band
and they give two filters for normal analogue phone equiptment, [I've no

about BSD they only send a CD for windows and mac, but it was really easy to
set up with pppOe. (however I'll have to set it up a bit more sensibly cause
there is now 2 firewalls running, the modem itself and my ipfilter nat box.)

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