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Paul Civati paul at
Wed Mar 27 10:30:31 GMT 2002

"Tom Turrisi ( Inteleco Ltd. )" <tom.turrisi at> wrote:

> I am looking for a host in the UK who will co-locate and offer me unmetred
> bandwith, but capped.

How can it be unmetered but also capped?

> I am looking into the possibilitys of running games servers and the only way
> i can see to do it is with unmetred bandwith.

Nobody (no-one sensible anyway) sells unmetered bandwidth these days,
because quite simply bandwidth is not cheap.  The ISP has to pay for it,
and so the cost has to be passed on appropriately, or they go bust..
some people seem to think there is some magic way around this, hmm. ;)


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