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Mark Blackman mark at
Wed Mar 27 08:35:44 GMT 2002

As an ex-Sophos employee,  I'm obliged to mention that they 
do a FreeBSD product. I think the Sophos engine is quite
efficient and a good fit with the Unix approach. Only problem
is that Sophos tend to be a bit expensive. The evaluation
download is completely functional, so you have ample opportunity
to evaluate it before purchasing anyway.

- Mark

> Hi,
> I'm looking at possibly moving our company email system off Microsoft
> Exchange 5.5 and onto FreeBSD with sendmail/qpopper/openldap.  All has gone
> well so far, but I'm wondering about how to implement virus protection at
> the server end.  This is particularly important as the company deals with
> many companies in the Far East, and according to the logs provided by McAfee
> (which is currently monitoring the Exchange box) we're getting several
> infected viruses every week.
> Are there any antivirus packages for BSD?  Ideally we would move the
> protection away from the server and put it onto the desktop, hence
> protecting against web-borne viruses, but at present I'd like to cover all
> bases.
> TIA,
> Tim.
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