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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Tue Mar 26 18:27:17 GMT 2002

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 05:18:24PM -0000, Tim Wiser wrote:
> Are there any antivirus packages for BSD?  Ideally we would move the
> protection away from the server and put it onto the desktop, hence
> protecting against web-borne viruses, but at present I'd like to cover all
> bases.

If your /usr/ports tree is up to date you can do this:

% cd /usr/ports
% make search key=virus

which returns several packages, but the one you want is probably

This does have quite a few dependencies though:

R-deps: arc-5.21e.8_1 compat3x-i386-4.4.20011227 lha-1.14i p5-Archive-Tar-0.22 p5-Archive-Zip-0.11 p5-Compress-Zlib-1.14 p5-Convert-TNEF-0.12 p5-Convert-UUlib-0.201 p5-IO-stringy-2.108 p5-MIME-Base64-2.12 p5-MIME-Tools-5.410 p5-Mail-Tools-1.43 p5-Unix-Syslog-0.95 unarj-2.43_1 unrar-2.50 uvscan-4.16e_1 uvscan_dat-4189 zoo-2.10.1

Note that the amavis port depends on uvscan-4.16e to recognise virus
signatures, and that's a commercial package from Network Associates:
you get a free 30 day trial, after which you're expected to pay.

Other than that, your choices are to cook up some sort of homebrew AV
filter, which can be remarkably effective but will probably suffer
from more false positives and false negatives than a commercial
package.  Eg. see
--- it's described as anti-spam, but it also serves to kill unpleasant


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