Dual NIC's & two ppp connections

William Cooper williamcooper at digitalphobia.com
Mon Mar 25 14:08:56 GMT 2002

First off, hi! And hope everyone is enjoying their Mondays :D!

I'm interested in using dual bonded nics on a FreeBSD machine and was
wondering if anyone has tried this out or knows where I can find
documentation on the subject.

And also I'm interested in putting another ppp connection onto my
FreeBSD gateway machine, at the moment its providing a ppp connection to
BTconnect's isp via a modem in the COM port, and that basicly handles
the the internet for my family's LAN, anyway A family member has decided
they don=92t like the speed of the internet here and they would like =
own connection, now rather then letting them having the connection from
their workstation to the internet, I would like to put another modem on
my gateway so they can use their connection through the network and I
don=92t have to worry as much about security (the workstation is Win2k =
I'm not so happy about having security risk like that).

Anyway I would like to know if I would run into any problems, and if I
can specify in my ppp.conf that Xisp uses Xcom port. Also I know that I
may have to use firewall rules or something to make sure that machine
192.168.0.bleh uses that connection on the gateway.

Any comments welcome!


William Cooper=20

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