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Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Wed Mar 20 17:08:12 GMT 2002

Sounds like a few folks have vmware 2 running well on FB4.4.  I have it up
and running with a windows98 installation except for networking.  If I try
to enable bridged networking it tells me:

Could not open /dev/vmnet0: No such file or directory.  Failed to
configure ethernet0.

I found /usr/compat/linux/dev/vmnet1, so just for grins I symlinked this
into /dev/vmnet0 .  The message changed, but now says that the device is
not configured.  I then tried host based networking, but same message
(device not configured).  Do I need to load some kernel module to support
vmware's virtual networking?  Any hints would be grand ;)

Other quirks:

* If I have the floppy device as the first boot device (or anywhere before
the hard disk, really) in the virtual BIOS the floppy simply spins without
stopping at boot time.  Oh, and it doesn't boot :)
* If the virtual machine crashes it *sometimes* makes my mouse go berzerk
on the host operating system, requiring the *host* to be rebooted.  Once
it even seemed to affect a completely seperate machine connected only by
an Omnicube 2port switch :):)
* When installing win98 if there was no diskette in the diskette drive the
virtual machine crashes about halfway through the installation, causing
the problems above :)  I got past this by sticking a diskette in the drive
during installation.  It was never apparently written to...

On top of all of this I am actually extremely impressed!  I have played
with wine several times over the years, and now firmly believe they are
just headed in the wrong direction...



On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Paul Civati wrote:

> "Tom Turrisi ( Inteleco Ltd. )" <tom.turrisi at> wrote:
> > Thanks for the help, every one of the comments said it will not work....but
> > their all linux, nothing about FreeBSD ... i suppose i will just have to
> > cross my fingers, get a coffee and see if i'm destined to be lucky today
> Perhaps you would have better success running it under VMware.. I've
> not used VMware myself but I hear good things, you will need lots of
> RAM though.
> -Paul-
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