Wine / Dreamweaver 4

Tom Turrisi Inteleco Ltd. tom.turrisi at
Tue Mar 19 15:20:06 GMT 2002

> Tom Turrisi wrote:
> >     Does anyone know if dreamweaver 4 will run if emulationg windows
> > Wine ? or if their is another windows emulator that will run
> >
> > I am dying to get rid of windows all together, one more crash and i'm
> > to go nuts, but the only thing i "need" is dreamweaver.
> Not an entirely frivolous suggestion -- but why not get a Mac? With
> MacOS X you get FreeBSD with a very nice GUI, and lots of useful
> software.

i had thought of trying OS X but because i have £1500 worth of hardware that
i do not want to throw in the bin or donate to charity i decided against it,
mean bugger i know...but thats why ;)

whilst i'm posting.......does anyone know if a matrox G550 dualhead video
card is supported under FreeBSD 4.5 ?

> (I recently bought a new iBook running MacOS X, and am very impressed.
> Oh, and it connects easily to my other computers running FreeBSD and
> Windows ME).
> simon
> --
> Simon Kershaw
> Cambridge
> simon at
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