Compaq Supported Hardware - AIT Drive

Paul Civati paul at
Tue Mar 19 12:19:33 GMT 2002

"Steven Purdy" <steve at> wrote:

> Can anyone confirm whether a Compaq 50/100 AIT Tape drive is going to
> work or not please
> When installed on FreeBSD 4.5 release (Compaq part number 157766-b21).
> There is no specific mention of AIT in the list and I'd hate to spend a
> couple of grand on The tape and media to find it doesn't work.

I should think so, in theory, it's a SCSI device? so the o/s should
see it.  I think the only issue is that of the o/s and tape tools
understanding the capacity of the device.

I know that dump has an option (-B) to explicity define this, but I've
always been unsure how other tools work this out, perhaps tar will just
write until it gets a device full response.  Anyone know?

Disclaimer: I've never used one though, so don't take my word for it.


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