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Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Wed Mar 13 19:21:35 GMT 2002

On Mar 13, Alex Ingram <nuttyxander at nuttyxander.co.uk> wrote:

> [Thanks to all who responded to me rather general query, got fairly far 
> now, but this is sent from my win2k installation as I was wanting to 
> read my newsgroups...]

Plenty of Usenet support under FBSD. Tin is alright, but there are GUI news 
readers out there. I haven't had time to read Usenet in about 3 years now 
> Hmm, last time I checked this cost around 40 pounds plus postage, to be 
> honest I'd far rather spend money I don't really have (skint student) on 
> books I need rather than a convenient DVD that will be out of date in a 
> mere matter of months.

Check with them about the subscription stuff, as you might be able to get a 
sub so that when 4.6 is released, you get a copy of that as well. The guys 
from FreeBSD Services are on this list, so I'm sure they'll pipe up at some 
> modem. If I'm lucky it'll be set up by the time I go home for Easter, in 
> which case I guess it would be wise to make the fullest use of that 
> bandwidth.

Definitely. I currently don't have DSL wired up at home in Manchester, but 
am currently working on a contract in the Falkland islands where although 
latency is upto about 500ms, I do have free use of a 1Mb/sec satellite link. 
I'm making use of it to cvsup the laptop on a timely basis. ;-)

> Hmm, well, I decided that I might as well go out on a limb and just 
> download all of 4.2 from xfree86.org and go from there. Worked like a 
> charm, and I now have a pretty much fully working X with KDE running 
> (it's what I'm used to from uni, though I'm probably going to experiment 
> with some other managers soon.

Later versions of KDE are nice. Gnome is OK, and so is WindowMaker but for 
different reasons. I tend to stick to KDE, but the plan is to move to 
something a little simpler in the future - window maker is currently top of 
that list, but KDE3 is shaping up to look interesting.
> OK, so what you're saying is I'm not that good, yet. It was just a 
> guess, cos I was getting frustrated at the documentation getting 
> steadily more opaque as I tired. Thankfully, it was never put into 
> /etc/fstab so that's one to chalk up to experience, mp3 collection 
> emerged unscathed.

Excellent news. If you can afford it, the Unix System Administration 
handbook might be worth an investment at some point in the future, as it 
covers such things. It also covers a lot of stuff for environments you might 
end up using one day in the future (Linux, Solaris). The current purple-book 
edition is something I haven't got around to buying yet, but if it's as good 
as the older red-book edition which I have a copy of, it's worth the £50+ 
price tag.
> BTW: what's the best way (or even a good way) to get java working in 
> mozilla?

Run it on Windows? :-) Seriously, I've never had problems.

Paul Robinson

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