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Sam Smith S at mSmith.net
Wed Mar 13 18:06:07 GMT 2002

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Paul Robinson wrote:
> > Also, I realised that sitting with my mp3 collection (All 48 gig of it)
> > inaccessible in FreeBSD was not helping my patience in setting it up.
> > So after some playing about I eventually arrived at:
> > mount_msdos /dev/ad1s1 /tmp to get my mp3s accessible and ready for the
> > likes of mpg123 and the nice front ends juke and mp3blaster.
> DO NOT DO THAT. Right, FBSD's behaviour may differ, but NEVER, EVER put
> anything in /tmp on a Unix box unless you are prepared to see it deleted.
> Never mount up an msdos partition into /tmp unless you want strange things
> happening. In fact, don't touch anything in /tmp or /var/tmp unless you know
> what you're doing. Whoever told you that /tmp was a good place to put your
> MP3 collection deserves to be taken out and shot. Or at least barred from
> ever having the status of 'Unix Wizard' - if that person already has that
> status, please forward his address so we may go and remove his pointy hat
> and magic cloak...  :-)

Either that, or say something to them about their sense of humour.....

Although mounting a msdos filesystem on /tmp may explain some of
the X problems (how well does it cope with sockets?)


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