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Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at clara.net
Wed Mar 13 17:42:17 GMT 2002

* Robin Melville (robmel at innotts.co.uk) wrote:

> At 12:50 am +0000 13/3/02, Thomas Hurst wrote:
> > fetch(1) unlinks files on any failure;
> Not necessarily, fetch -rRa has worked well for me, to resume & not
> unlink truncated transfers.

Yes, but it reflects the point of view of the ports system; the fetch
either completes or it doesn't.

> > the next time you build you'll just get a checksum mismatch (the
> > file's there, but the md5 is incorrect), not a resume, even if you
> > set FETCH_CMD=wget -c in make.conf.
> This is correct, and a 'feature' that would be good to replace with a
> resumed fetch.

Hence why I suggested downloading to a seperate dir and only moving it
into view of the ports system when it's complete.

> However it's not backbreaking to fetch the distribution into
> /usr/ports/distfiles if it's required.

c&p URI from fetch, fetch -rRa <url> -o /usr/ports/distfiles

compared with


I know which I'd prefer :)

<toddles off to impliment it>

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