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Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at clara.net
Wed Mar 13 00:50:58 GMT 2002

* Jon Schneider (jon at axismilton.ltd.uk) wrote:

> ftp (and http unbeknown to many) supports resuming of transfers
> so if the ports won't resume downloads out of the box it ought to
> be possible to grab things manually and place in the right place
> distfiles (?). Use a tool like wget. Actually if ports were to use
> wget or similar for downloading instead they would sort themselves
> out.

No they wouldn't.

fetch(1) unlinks files on any failure; other tools can be used to keep
incomplete files so you can resume, but if, for instance, you interrupt
the build process, the next time you build you'll just get a checksum
mismatch (the file's there, but the md5 is incorrect), not a resume,
even if you set FETCH_CMD=wget -c in make.conf.

The best way would probably to have a little script grab to
/usr/ports/disfiles/incomplete with wget -c or so; when the fetch is
complete, mv to the requested output directory; that way you won't have
any incomplete files in distfiles and the fetch target will get called
even if it's only partially on the system.

Hm, probably worth actually implimenting that.

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