a few newbie questions...

Alex Ingram alex at nuttyxander.com
Tue Mar 12 21:24:09 GMT 2002

Hello, I've been setting up FreeBSD 4.5 on my home PC, a fairly recently 
built 1.4GHz Athlon with half a gig of ram, 140 GB of hard disk, SB 
Live, and a Geforce 2 Pro 64MB, connected to a nice Sony CPD-G400 twin 
input 19 inch.

Annoyingly I only have a 56k modem connection to the outside world and 
only the FreeBSD 4.5 installation CD to hand. I've used the ports 
collection a bit to get a few things, and have set up cvsup to get me an 
up to date ports collection.

Anyway, I had been using XP, and now have win2k and FreeBSD living 
together, which is infinitely nicer. I've been meaning to and/or trying 
to use FreeBSD as an OS for some time, but after some fumbling attempts 
3 years ago, I had pretty much given up until I had more hard disk space 
to play with, which I got lately.

I've managed to get _fairly_ far with the setup using the handbook and 
general playing about but I thought I should ask to see if I'm A) doing 
things right and B) using the right kind of support. As a dyslexic I've 
found that the handbook can be all too confusing at times, certainly it 
would be nice to be able to use some simple how-to documents for 
applications like setting up sound, are there any to be found? Google 
seems a little less than helpful as a pointer to help.

I've installed a standard install, then initially set up the supplied X 
using the setup tools in sysinstall. This only yielded a setup that made 
X work when I was root, which was rather annoying, though I did get KDE 
running in seconds, albeit with only the SVGA X server. I have since 
installed XFree86 4.1.0 and managed to create a working setup to run 
using the nvidia server. Though I haven't been able to set this up to 
give me a usable X. From the errors it seems that I may have managed to 
install both XFree86 3 and 4 at the same time, which I would guess is 
not particularly good.

How would I go about getting X going properly?

Also, I realised that sitting with my mp3 collection (All 48 gig of it) 
inaccessible in FreeBSD was not helping my patience in setting it up.
So after some playing about I eventually arrived at:
mount_msdos /dev/ad1s1 /tmp to get my mp3s accessible and ready for the 
likes of mpg123 and the nice front ends juke and mp3blaster.

Are there any recommended IRC channels for obtaining help? I've used 
#freebsd-help on efnet without much success, as generally my questions 
are ignored or answered so curtly that it takes a few minutes leafing 
through my FreeBSD Handbook (that came with 2.2.8 all those years ago) 
to get there.

Finally, is there any simple way to enable resuming on downloads of 
ports, and cvsup stuff in FreeBSD? My connection has an enforced 2 hour 
cut-off which makes fetching files over 20MB in size a difficult job at 
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