bridging to wireless

David Foulis dbfpyro at
Wed Mar 6 06:37:15 GMT 2002

>   You can actually filter by MAC and perform other fancy functions if
> required.
> For those that have been following, I have confirmed my suspicions!  The
> WI
> drivers
> do not support bridging.  I simply installed a second Inter Pro/100s and
> changed two
> parameters.  BANG!  The bridge worked!  Oh well, so much for the WI
> drivers.
> To hell with Lucent for not sharing ALL of their specifications on their
> wireless
> adapters.  Looks like they really want you to purchase their AP, COR and
> products.
>    Thanks
>    George

Thanks for the information it's very useful as I'll be having to make a
decision about what things to buy for joining the 2 nets 
together in a couple of months.
Have you got a source of information at hand for filtering using mac

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