bridging to wireless

dbfpyro at dbfpyro at
Tue Mar 5 22:09:14 GMT 2002

but is it not so that if you set up the bridge with no IP's then it's 
invisible ok but it doesn't do any good it's only as if you had a hard wire 
situation, it just shovels everything back and forward on a low level?
Or is it possible to somehow filter or something using mac addresses?

By the way I got these messages when I first set up the bridge like this
ARP (??? can't remember exactly) address changed from  "mac adr" to "mac 
adr" on host blah.domain
I think this happened when I had routed running (I'll check that and if 
it's important tell later)
But this means that the "real" adress gets noticed so something could be 
done with monitoring or filtering?

Another thing my son said that maybe the speed of the cards makes a 
difference eg the wireless card is ~11/s
and if you've got new network cards then they are 100 so ? maybe try with 
an older network card (? have I got it the right way round).
This whole topic is interesting because I want to set up a connection with 
wireless so I can share an ADSL connection with someone else.
I think the connection between the networks over wireless should be a 
separate subnet as well.


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