Bridging and wi devices

Brian Somers brian at
Tue Mar 5 14:09:33 GMT 2002

>    Hello all,
>   After bashing my head for hours with a bridging setup, I have a =
> question.  I have read that bridging does not work with all NICs.  Can =
> anyone tell me if they have had bridging working with 'wi' devices - =
> Lucent Orinoco Gold/Silver PCMCIA card in a PCI interface?  I have a =
> funny feeling that the kernel bridge is just not working properly with =
> this card.

I've got a test box here that I've bridged from an orinoco card to an 
ed interface.  I was running the wiap driver on the orinoco rather 
than the wi driver, but that shouldn't make a difference.

This was using netgraph bridging - which should work for all 
supported NIC types.

>   Thanks again
>   George

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