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On Tue Mar 05, 2002 at 08:21:54AM -0000, William Cooper wrote:

> Just found this, hasn't been mentioned here yet, go check it out if
> you haven't!
> "ClosedBSD is a firewall and network address translation utility which
> boots off of a single floppy disk, and requires no hard drive. ClosedBSD
> is based off of the FreeBSD kernel, and uses ipfw as it's native ruleset
> management system, and natd as it's network address translation
> utility."

PICOBSD(8)              FreeBSD System Manager's Manual             PICOBSD(8)

     picobsd - floppy disk based FreeBSD system

     picobsd [options] [floppy-type [site-name]]

     picobsd is a script which can be used to produce a minimal implementation
     of FreeBSD (historically called PicoBSD) which typically fits on one
     floppy disk, or can be downloaded as a single image file from some media
     such as CDROM, flash memory, or through etherboot.

Why re-invent the wheel and duplicate effort?

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