Bridging Ethernet to Wireless

George Minich gminich at
Mon Mar 4 14:25:27 GMT 2002

Hi Dave,

  the idea behind a bridge is a device that does not care about high level
protocol and passes packets based on the lower level protocols.  My idea was
to setup a bridge without an IP address so that hackers were unable to see
it.  In theory, this should work fine.  I really do think there is a problem
with 'wi' devices and the bridging in FreeBSD.  I understand that Linux also
has similar problems with bridging and non-hard-wired devices.



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> I also have a machine set as a bridge it doesn't have a wireless card but
> ethernet cards.
> As it is according to the handbook only correct to give one of the cards
> IP address I've given de0 (I have de0 and ep0) the address with
> ifconfigde0= "inet netmask" in /etc/rc.conf.
> During setting this up I had a problem at one end of the bridge with
> communication and among other things I changed from IP at ep0 to de0 and
> everything worked (although I'm not sure of course if it was this that
> solved the problem).
> You could try changing this ? logically I think the wireless card should
> have the address and the ethernet none.
> Hope your successful.
> Dave.

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