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Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Mon Mar 4 13:02:08 GMT 2002

"Dynanet Technical Support" <support at dynamode.co.uk> wrote:

> I have set up FreeBSD (4.4) and being a newbie have come across a few minor
> problems.
> When trying to use the "write" command for consol messaging to a remote user
> (friend in Holland) I get an error
> "you have write permissions disabled"

This probably means the remote user has messages disabled, for a local
user you can toggle on/off using the 'mesg' command:

% mesg n
% write
write: you have write permission turned off
usage: write user [tty]
% mesg y
% write
usage: write user [tty]

When messages are disabled the FreeBSD finger daemon will indicate so
with a '*' on that tty.

% finger
Login    Name                 Tty  Idle  Login Time   Office     Office 
paul     Paul Civati          *p5     -  Feb  8 13:45 London     -

If the remote system is a different o/s things may be different.

Perhaps the remote user needs to do a 'mesg y' on their system.


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