Bridging Ethernet to Wireless (fxp0 <-> wi0) Orinico PCMCIA

Paul Civati paul at
Mon Mar 4 10:22:35 GMT 2002

Ian MacDonald <ian at> wrote:

> Does the docs mention running a routing protocol such as routed? 
> You should enable it with router_enable="YES" in your /etc/rc.conf file.
> To run it while the box is up type "routed -q".
> This should sort the problem of packets not being routed.

I don't think that will help as he is trying to bridge not route.

Bridging is a way of replicating ethernet level frames from one ethernet
segment to another, thus encapsulating all protcols and traffic running
over a network, eg. TCP/IP, IPX, etc.

Routing works at a higher level, the protocol level, ie. routing TCP/IP
networks/subnets, etc between separate networks.

routed is just a daemon for transmitting and receiving RIP (Routing
Information Protocol) route announcements and entering them into the
kernel routing table.


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