sshd being slow -- hardware related?

Christopher Raven c.raven at
Sun Mar 3 15:04:35 GMT 2002

Almost invariably extended SSH login is due to malfunctioning DNS. Make 
sure that your LAN has correct DNS ... if you are stuck then make sure the 
login machine is listed in /etc/hosts ... your machine you are trying to 
SSH to is most likely attempting to do a name lookup and failing. When the 
timeout is reached it lets you in.


At 14:37 03/03/02 +0000, William Cooper wrote:
>Hello again,
>Hope everyone is well.
>A new machine has been added to my LAN at home (6th machine yay) and
>I've noticed a few problems with sshd, it seems it takes at least 3
>minutes to ssh into the machine, and I think this is due to the LAN port
>being onboard. The machine is one of them 'barebone' systems, that you
>buy and only add RAM/CPU/HDD, anyway, the only reason I'm blaming this
>on hardware is because I also have a IBM thinkpad laptop on my network
>running FreeBSD with a pcmcia network card and it takes about 20 seconds
>longer to ssh in compared to my gateway machine.
>Any idea how I can fix this and improve the speed? So far I've ran sshd
>in debug mode (-d) to see if any errors came up and found none just a
>amazing slow speed!
>The machine I'm having trouble with is running FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE and
>sshd version OpenSSH_2.3.0, the hardware consists of 1Ghz Intel
>processor 256MB ram, 20GB HD. And just for the record, I haven't
>modified any file to do with sshd on the machine.
>Any comments welcome!
>William Cooper
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