sshd being slow -- hardware related?

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sun Mar 3 14:37:20 GMT 2002

Hello again,

Hope everyone is well.

A new machine has been added to my LAN at home (6th machine yay) and
I've noticed a few problems with sshd, it seems it takes at least 3
minutes to ssh into the machine, and I think this is due to the LAN port
being onboard. The machine is one of them 'barebone' systems, that you
buy and only add RAM/CPU/HDD, anyway, the only reason I'm blaming this
on hardware is because I also have a IBM thinkpad laptop on my network
running FreeBSD with a pcmcia network card and it takes about 20 seconds
longer to ssh in compared to my gateway machine.

Any idea how I can fix this and improve the speed? So far I've ran sshd
in debug mode (-d) to see if any errors came up and found none just a
amazing slow speed!

The machine I'm having trouble with is running FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE and
sshd version OpenSSH_2.3.0, the hardware consists of 1Ghz Intel
processor 256MB ram, 20GB HD. And just for the record, I haven=92t
modified any file to do with sshd on the machine.

Any comments welcome!


William Cooper

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