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Fri Mar 1 17:20:50 GMT 2002

-- Kevin O'Connor 
Ziptek Technologies Ltd.

On 1 Mar 2002 at 16:42, Paul Civati wrote: 

> "Kevin O'Connor" <kevin at> wrote:
> > Don't want a port. Oracle will supply the software probably the Linux
> > version I was just wondering if it ran on FreeBSD and the answer seems
> > to be yes but badly which is no good.
> That was a proper port, I wonder if the Linux emulated version would
> work better or worse..

That was one of the things I was hoping to find out without having to do it myself 

> > I know 5 is still in development
> > but the SMP support is supposed to be much improved " The server it
> > runs on will be a Compaq 5500 quad PIII Xeon with 4gig of memory which
> > sounds like the sort of spec needed to run an XP workstation to me" 
> > what is the expected release date of version 5 in a stable form? 
> > I have run the Portal and Apps server on FreeBSD 4.4 and that seems
> > ok but the backend database is the issue. This is a long term project
> > with the portal going live in the next 3 months and the database
> > comming online Q4 2002. 
> Much as I don't like to advise against our o/s of choice, a) this
> is business, b) use the right tool for the job.
> If FreeBSD doesn't hack it at the moment for this particular
> application then you should go ahead and use Linux.  You've spent
> all that money on an Oracle licence so that you can use a proper
> database, all that money on decent hardware, so no point crippling
> the application in a situation where it just won't work optimally.
> Not aimed directly at you :) just a general comment on making the
> right decisions for the job, common sense really.

This is a business decision. The clients network is Novell 5 and 6 and FreeBSD which 
has been integrated all the servers talk to each other. It took a while to set up and a lot 
of effort has gone into it which is why the preference is to run it on FreeBSD even if it 
means delaying slightly the backend 

-- Kevin O'Connor Ziptek Technologies Ltd. 

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