Oracle 9i

Paul Civati paul at
Fri Mar 1 16:42:38 GMT 2002

"Kevin O'Connor" <kevin at> wrote:

> Don't want a port. Oracle will supply the software probably the Linux
> version I was just wondering if it ran on FreeBSD and the answer seems
> to be yes but badly which is no good.

That was a proper port, I wonder if the Linux emulated version would
work better or worse..

> I know 5 is still in development
> but the SMP support is supposed to be much improved " The server it
> runs on will be a Compaq 5500 quad PIII Xeon with 4gig of memory which
> sounds like the sort of spec needed to run an XP workstation to me" 
> what is the expected release date of version 5 in a stable form? 
> I have run the Portal and Apps server on FreeBSD 4.4 and that seems
> ok but the backend database is the issue. This is a long term project
> with the portal going live in the next 3 months and the database
> comming online Q4 2002. 

Much as I don't like to advise against our o/s of choice, a) this
is business, b) use the right tool for the job.

If FreeBSD doesn't hack it at the moment for this particular
application then you should go ahead and use Linux.  You've spent
all that money on an Oracle licence so that you can use a proper
database, all that money on decent hardware, so no point crippling
the application in a situation where it just won't work optimally.

Not aimed directly at you :) just a general comment on making the
right decisions for the job, common sense really.


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