Oracle 9i

Paul Robinson paul at
Fri Mar 1 16:24:55 GMT 2002

On Mar  1, Kevin O'Connor <kevin at> wrote:

> what is the expected release date of version 5 in a stable form?  I have run the Portal 
> and Apps server on FreeBSD 4.4 and that seems ok but the backend database is the 
> issue. This is a long term project with the portal going live in the next 3 months and the 
> database comming online Q4 2002. 

5.0-RELEASE is currently slated for this November, but don't bet your 
business plan on it. I think it's likely to get pushed back specifically 
because of the SMP stuff. It's already been pushed back a year, and the 
economic problems of the world are biting into people's budgets for getting 
around to working on FBSD.

In all honesty, right now, as it stands, if I absolutely 100% needed Oracle, 
then the reasons for needing it would also stand for needing Solaris. Either 
take a long look at what you need, or just hold out and wait for Oracle to 
release 9i as a native FBSD build that runs on a decent kernel (say, 
-CURRENT around October time).

Paul Robinson

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