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Fri Mar 1 15:50:13 GMT 2002

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On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:44:48PM +0000, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Mar  1, Kevin O'Connor <kevin at> wrote:
> > Is anyone running Oracle 8i or 9i on a FreeBSD box or does anyone know =
of such an=20
> > implementation? We are looking to deploy both the Portal and Apps serve=
r with a 9i=20
> > backend database. ALL comments and suggestions welcome.
> > Regards
> > Kevin
> To my knowledge there is no native FBSD support for Oracle - there was ta=
> at the European BSDcon at trying to motivate Oracle to produce a port (as=
> native product, not as in /usr/ports), but there were worries that there
> might not be enough demand with the FBSD sector to justify it. If they can
> only sell it to three sites worldwide, while everybody else runs with
> Solaris or Linux, then they aren't going to continue support and FBSD los=
> credibility.

There was a native port, but the performance of it sucked.  Oracle
relies very heavily on a threaded model, under which FreeBSD performs
very very badly.  The KSE developments, coupled with the SMPng work in
-current, should address this.


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