Oracle 9i

Paul Robinson paul at
Fri Mar 1 15:44:48 GMT 2002

On Mar  1, Kevin O'Connor <kevin at> wrote:

> Is anyone running Oracle 8i or 9i on a FreeBSD box or does anyone know of such an 
> implementation? We are looking to deploy both the Portal and Apps server with a 9i 
> backend database. ALL comments and suggestions welcome.
> Regards
> Kevin

To my knowledge there is no native FBSD support for Oracle - there was talk
at the European BSDcon at trying to motivate Oracle to produce a port (as in
native product, not as in /usr/ports), but there were worries that there
might not be enough demand with the FBSD sector to justify it. If they can
only sell it to three sites worldwide, while everybody else runs with
Solaris or Linux, then they aren't going to continue support and FBSD loses

Perhaps getting some sort of straw-poll interest in people who would buy 
Oracle for FreeBSD if it were available might be useful. Also represents a 
way of getting FBSD into more NOCs and data centers if Oracle go out and 
gauge interest in their existing customer base.

I suspect though the first thing they would want to see if it were moved 
forward would be the finishing off of SMPng - that sort of thing is 
important to an application like Oracle.

Although personally, I'd just like MySQL to get decent sometime soon.

Paul Robinson

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