UK Virtual Server vendors

Daniel Gardner daniel at
Sun Jun 30 18:37:21 BST 2002


  Does anyone know of someone in the UK who sells decent
  virtual FreeBSD servers? I've been using these people[1]
  who do a good deal, they use jail[2] so that they can
  effectively have multiple installations of FreeBSD on some
  big-ass server. Lots of RAM, good disks, that sort of

  They effectively give you root on your own 4.5 box with a
  couple gig of ram and 2gb of 10,000rpm scsi disk space.
  Tech support is excellent. And the best thing, it's only
  $65 a month.

  Before it starts to sound too much like this is just an
  advert for these people, what I'd really like is to find
  someone exactly the same, but in the UK. The people I'm
  with at the moment are in the states.

  I have absolutely no complaints about the johncompanies
  service, in fact I'd recommend them to anyone, it just
  makes things a little difficult for me as far as Data
  Protection goes, and storing data outside the EU (I didn't
  realize this when signing up).

  Google hasn't really been my friend looking for comparable
  UK services at comparable prices. Anyone got any ideas?

  [2] Writeup here, for those who haven't heard of it

Best regards,

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