ftp and folder permissions

Andrew McKay birminghamweb at freeuk.com
Fri Jun 28 23:10:21 BST 2002

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Rob Garbutt wrote:

> I have the problem that I want to give a client ftp access to his site, but
> I don't want him to have access to one particular folder when he ftp's in.
> Can anyone suggest a method of restricting acces to that folder but not the
> other folders in that diretcory?

You simply need to change the ownership and/or permissions of that
particular folder.  What you do depends on what access you have to the ftp

Assuming you have root access then for:


all you would do is make sure that private was owned by someone other than
your client and then set permissions so that only the owner of the folder
could access it.

e.g. 'chown root.wheel /ftp/client/private && chmod 770 /ftp/client/private'

would make the folder read/write/executable by root and any other members
of the wheel group but no one outside that group could do anything to it.

If you want to contact me with more specifics, for more specific
help, off list then feel free.


Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at freeuk.com>

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