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rik freebsd-security at
Fri Jun 28 02:05:13 BST 2002

On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 01:13:05PM +0100, Tim Wiser wrote:
> (Yes, I'm aware that we're using a naughty IP range... This is another task
> to get sorted soon).

It's probably checking to see if you're an MX for that address, or even
anything to do with it. In this case, you're pretending to be part of
IBM's class A network (yes, a class A network). Try getting sendmail to
masquerade as a real IP address, or even run it on your firewall
machine, listening for connections only on the inside interface. This
way it will still be able to connect out, and it will be giving out
truthful information that doesn't confuse the hotmail servers.

Postfix tries to slow down broken/lying clients by waiting for a few
seconds before replying, when given broken input, such as bad SMTP.
Maybe hotmail's servers are doing the same when you claim to be part of

As for your choice of IPs.. yes, you should change. There's no real
excuse for not knowing at least one private IP address range. If you've
filled 10/8, 192.168/16, and 172.16/12 with your machines, then you can
be forgiven.. otherwise, please have whoever made the choice report for
removal of knee-caps.

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