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Dimitris Dimitris
Wed Jun 26 16:48:27 BST 2002

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:07:39 +0100, Jon Schneider wrote:

>There are lots of expensive ways of curing your problem but have 
>you looked at making the site generate less traffic ?
>It's a big subject and which other people have written heaps on like 
>for example at .

Indeed, making a site generate less traffic is very important i think.

A good solution would be to use a transparent proxy between the
'internet' and the web server. All requests will be serviced via
the proxy, which will be able to cache large amounts of data from
the server.

This solution takes the load off the server, and it allows you to
lessen the hits and manage them in an efficient way.

Just keep in mind that a transparent proxy wont help if you
are serving dynamicly generated pages and/or SSL which
have a no-cache property.

This solution is also quite quick to install and setup, all you
need is Squid (its in the ports collection).

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